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indoor plants that

Clivia is an evergreen houseplant that blooms once or twice a year: February-March and August-September. First, a stalk appears between the leaves, then five to seven large bright orange flowers bloom on it.

The plant itself is unpretentious, it needs only watering once a week. Two things he doesn’t like are drafts and transfers from place to place.

2 Bromeliad

Another unpretentious houseplant with wide green leaves. It blooms once a year for several weeks, and sometimes, under good conditions, for a few months as a huge red flower on a thick stem. One watering per week is sufficient for bromeliads, but it is important to keep the pot in a sunny room.

3 Hibiscus

The evergreen plant blooms from early spring to late autumn with huge orange-red inflorescences. At the same time, the hibiscus does not like temperature changes, so do not water it with cold water, keep it in a well-lit place and protected from the cold wind from the window.

4 Hippeastrum

This plant looks like a bulb planted in a flowerpot. With the onset of spring, three to four flowers appear and bloom on the stem in shades ranging from light pink to dark red. Keep in mind that hippeastrum is native to tropical countries, so it is quite capricious about lack of sunlight and low temperatures.

5 Hyacinth

A great gift for those who have a summer cottage. The plant can be left in the apartment until summer, and then transplanted into the open ground. When choosing hyacinths that will grow in the same pot in an apartment, try a combination of white, lilac and dark purple varieties.

6 Fuchsia

A beautifully flowering tropical inhabitant grows quickly in its pot, so it will need to be pruned during the growth period. To keep frequent and large inflorescences, place the flower in a warm, well-lit place. In the shade, the plant will not die, but it will stretch, and the flowers will grow less often and smaller.

7 Kalanchoe

A miniature shrub with dozens of small inflorescences looks very cute and colorful. The petals can be pink, red or orange. The cold and high moisture content of the soil does not suit it at all, so do not water it too often and place it in the warmest room of the apartment.

8 Cyclamen

Cyclamen do not flower all year round, the flowering period depends on the plant variety. This means that you can plant European and Persian cyclamen in the same pot, and they will bloom at different times: March to September and September to March.

9 Begonia

The plant, with good care, blooms with fresh, bright flowers all year round. Don’t put it in full roasting sun, but don’t put it in the shade either. And once every two to three months, apply mineral fertilizer so that the begonias have enough strength to bloom.

10 Pelargonium

Pelargonium is pruned in early spring to shape it into a neat little bush and wait for it to bloom. Its inflorescences can be different: single-color or two-color, while their color range varies from white to dark pink. The plant is somewhat reminiscent of geranium, but its flowers are larger, and the leaves are odorless.

11 Coleria

A very interesting plant with inflorescence petals, reminiscent of a leopard’s skin: pink or beige with bright spots. Once a month, the paint will need to be fed. It is also worth following the watering schedule closely, as it is very delicate and begins to wither due to drying out and waterlogging.

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