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Secrets to using a washing machine

1 Completed project of a two-room apartment in an old house

Designer Elena Ivanova turned this small piece into a kopek for herself. Ergonomics and storage systems are thought out in the apartment, and vintage objects – a desk – stand alongside consumer furniture – for example, an IKEA chest of drawers. In the project you can see many interesting solutions and just enjoy the work of the designer.

2 Mistakes when using the washing machine

Keeping equipment running smoothly is an exciting issue for many, as they want to keep an expensive item in good condition for as long as possible. In the article, we explained why the machine should be washed regularly, dried after washing and correctly changed the programs if the cycle has already started.

3 items that are best not machine washed

It turned out that this question worries many. It is better not to machine wash products with a lot of decoration, for example, sequins and zippers, and also refuse to wash orthopedic pillows in this way. See also other articles.

4 Rules for installing a metal frame under drywall

There are many intricacies in repair and construction. But if you know them, you can save on brigade work and perform some actions yourself. For example, make a frame from a metal profile if you want to build a plasterboard partition or a suspended plasterboard ceiling.

5 Differences between induction and ceramic hob

Today’s appliance market is full of offers and it can be difficult to determine if it is worth paying too much. We decided to do it for you and wrote a review on the differences between an induction hob and a ceramic hob.

6 tips for decorating a 3 square meter bathroom. m

The design of small rooms is always accompanied by difficulties, especially if it is a bathroom, where you need to install plumbing fixtures, storage systems and take care of the presence of a washing machine . We gave advice on how best to decorate a bathroom with an area of ​​​​only 3 squares.

7 IKEA items to make life easier

The Swedish brand not only produces beautiful and functional furniture, but also important household items that can make life much easier. You probably didn’t think that a stretch sheet or a basket with clothespins would become your helpers in everyday life. But it is so!

8 tips for keeping kitchen drawers tidy

Use the tips in this article to finally organize the storage in your kitchen drawers and stop looking for the right plate or the right spice. In addition, our recommendations will help you maintain order, which will significantly reduce the time you spend cleaning the kitchen.

9 Realistic Bedroom Decorating Ideas From Design Projects

We studied the completed projects published on our website and chose non-standard ideas for decorating bedrooms. For example, arrange a separate room on the site of a winter garden in an apartment. Or a trundle bed in stalinka.


How Designers Equip Bedrooms When There’s No Room: 6 Real-Life Project Ideas

10 ways to use IKEA’s “Besto” system in the interior

A series of modular furniture from the Swedish brand can be used not only as a storage system in the living room, but also as a piece of furniture in the hallway, in the working area. We have shared all life hacks in the article.

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