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Gas Lift Beds

Gas lift beds have achieved popularity among Australian homeowners as they are in search of means and ways to make available as much space as possible and at the same time, feel extremely comfortable. Such designs of furniture are unique and energy-saving and are ideal in today’s world since they provide multi-functionality and aesthetic features for storage needs. But first, let us discover more about those gas lift beds and why are they soon to be considered essentials in Australian households.

What Are Gas Lift Beds?

The specific type of bunk bed called the gas lift bed has a hydraulic system that is installed in the bed and the mattress can be flipped up to unveil an under-bed storage. This design is magnificent for presenting an ideal solution to those who need additional space for their belongings, without compromising the looks and feel of a home. The lift mechanism has no complexities and is simple to use and therefore easily accessible by everyone within the society.

Why Australian Homeowners Love Gas Lift Beds

Space Optimization

Another major cause that has seen Australians embracing gas lift beds is due to the expansive storage space the bed offers. These beds are especially ideal in urban residences where dwelling spaces are gradually shifting towards confinement since the furniture can effectively be used for purposes of storing things like comforters, clothes for different weather conditions, footwear, and other home requisites. This makes bedrooms to be less cramped and free from so much mess, which then makes the environment serene.

Ease of Use

Thus, the hydraulic lift mechanism is developed to be easy to use for the common person who intends to lift some very heavy materials. There are no apparent handles or catch; you just flap it up and there is the storage compartment of the bed needed. This convenience is particularly ideal for seniors or those who have walking challenges since the usual designs, such as the under-bed drawers, may not be convenient owing to their size.

Stylish Designs

The type of Gas lift beds to buy come in various designs and materials which the user may prefer to buy ranging from the modern look or the traditional wooden type. This keeps the market diverse and ensures that the consumer gets to work with the most appropriate gas lift bed depending on his or her interiors. They also can decide on the type of headrests of the bed and the designs, patterns, and hues of the fabrics used to build a particular bed.

Durability and Quality

Australian homeowners value quality and durability in their furniture. Gas lift beds are built with sturdy frames and high-quality hydraulic systems that ensure longevity. This investment in quality means that these beds not only enhance storage but also provide lasting comfort and support.

Top Gas Lift Beds in Australia

Here are some of the most popular gas lift beds that Australians are swearing by:

The Harvey Norman Gas lift Bed

Harvey Norman offers a range of gas lift beds known for their robust construction and stylish designs. These come in exquisite designs and beautiful materials such as upholstered headboards and fabrics to choose from as per their preference.

Forty Winks Storage Solutions

Forty Winks provides gas lift beds that prioritize comfort and storage. Their models feature high-quality mattresses paired with spacious under-bed storage, making them a practical choice for families and individuals alike.

Fantastic Furniture Gas lift Range

Additionally, there are the gas lift beds from Fantastic Furniture, and these are budget-friendly but rightfully so, quality. They operate different models so that anyone who wants a gas lift bed can easily find a model that is affordable to him or her.

IKEA Gas lift Beds

IKEA’s selection of gas lift beds incorporates the basic style and specific compartments of a traditional MKL product line at the same time. These are beds that are famous for their usability and ability to assemble in a very short period they are among the most preferred beds by Australians looking forward to buying cheap yet quality furniture.

Tips for Choosing the Right Gas Lift Bed

– Size:Remember the bed should suit the size of your bedroom and offer the necessary storage area.

– Material:Select a fabric that is suitable to your bedroom environments, both thematically and durability-wise.

– Mechanism:In compensation, one should look for a bed with a dependable and straightforward hydraulic lift mechanism.

– Budget:Gas lift beds come in a range of prices, so select one that fits your budget while meeting your quality and design preferences.


Orientation beds or gas lift beds as they are commonly known are more and more appreciated by many Australians as an effective tool to master the problem of overcrowding apartments. Through their design and the way they are made, they can provide an ideal solution for a person who wants to get the most out of the interior space he has available. If you are thinking of remodeling your bedroom or if you require a standing bed or any need to convert your bedroom, then a gas lift bed could be what you need.

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