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Modern mechanization systems allow you to control the curtains both manually (remotely, using a remote control or smartphone) and fully automatically, for example, using a timer or other devices. Such automated curtain rods are often part of a complex automation system (“smart home”), but they can very well be used separately.

How does the smart curtain system work?

It usually consists of the following components: a cornice with an electric drive, a power supply and a command controller (a device that receives signals via a radio or infrared channel) and a control panel (or wall panel). Currently, there are kits on the market that do not require additional items. Everything is quite simple – installation requires installers to be precise and follow the instructions exactly, but it is also accessible to the layman

For integration into a smart home system, additional control modules may be required for compatibility with other equipment operating via the wired KNX protocol, or with ZigBee, Z-Wave wireless equipment. Thus, the curtains can be controlled via common control devices – using a wall or portable remote control, or a smartphone or tablet.

5 useful options for curtain rods

Closing / opening speed adjustable. Typically 10 to 20 cm/s for guide rails and 10 to 30 rpm for rolling cornices. Everyone has their own preferred pace of life.

The ability to move the curtains manually without damaging the structure (for sliding curtain rods). This option is especially in demand in hotels, but it will not interfere with owners who are oblivious to everyday life.

Preferred middle position setting. Perfectionists will surely appreciate this option.

Presence simulation function. Remember, as the cat Matroskin said in the cartoon “Three of Prostokvashino”: “And then a person will think that someone is at home, and he will not steal anything from you.”

Choose an electric cornice

When choosing an electric cornice, it is important to choose the right type of device. To do this, you must answer the following questions.

What will be the mechanism of the curtain: rising or sliding? If the mechanism is sliding, is it unilateral or bilateral? Depending on the type of curtains, the drive type is selected.

How will the power supply to the motor be arranged? Most models of electric curtain rods work on the network, but there are also battery options.They are chosen if it is impossible or difficult to provide wired power.

What will be the dimensions of the curtains and the weight of the fabric? Electric drives differ in their maximum load. An insufficiently powerful motor simply cannot cope with heavy fabric. The choice of power is also influenced by whether the cornice is straight or curved: the latter requires a more powerful motor.

An approximate diagram of the roller shutter mechanism

Calculate the size of the curtains and the weight of the fabric in advance. The fact is that electric drives differ in their maximum load (30, 40, 60 kg, etc.). An insufficiently powerful motor simply cannot cope with heavy fabric. Also, the choice of power is influenced by whether the cornice is straight or curved: for the latter, a more powerful motor is necessary.

An approximate diagram of a sliding curtain mechanism

Among the well-known manufacturers on the market in the premium price segment are brands such as Somfy, Hunter Douglas, Warema, Leha, Silent Gliss. From the lower price segment, the brands Isotra, Anwis, Besta are noted. The cost of the finished electric cornice depends not only on the brand, but also on such parameters as engine power. On average, a ready-made electric cornice will cost customers about 15,000-40,000 rubles.

Remote-controlled electric gutters are a classic part of any smart home. Many technological innovations can significantly improve the quality of life. Even such a familiar and seemingly simple thing as curtains can be supplemented with an electric drive and an intelligent control system. In the Home Automation class, we have an economical solution that provides premium comfort. The Connexoon Window RTS system will allow you to control up to 24 devices using an app on your smartphone. Depending on the mode, you can configure the system so that immediately before you get home, the roller shutters open and the lighting turns on, and when you leave the house, everything closes and turns off.

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