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Tenancy Cleaning

People live in society, and in their life, they constantly enter into different types of relationships – friendly, official, intimate, between neighbours, etc. Building quality relationships requires much work, creativity, emotional intelligence, empathy, helpfulness, and many other qualities.

Tenants and landlords also enter into a certain type of relationship. Which are initially official and sometimes grow into friendly.

The most important things to maintain a decent relationship between tenants and landlords are: paying the rent and housing bills regularly, not creating problems with the neighbours and maintaining good hygiene in the rented accommodation.

The last point includes the basic cleaning before the tenants move out.

Why is end of tenancy cleaning so important

Below, we’re going to explain what makes this task so necessary before your moving away from your old home and into your new one.

You avoid unpleasant and unnecessary disputes

The landlord can refuse to return your deposit if they believe you have not fulfilled the terms of your agreement or have polluted or damaged his property.

You may be able to avoid many headaches and awkward situations if you hire a company to help you with the end of tenancy cleaning.

Your chances of getting good referrals are multiplied

Getting good references can be critical to your future search for a rental property.

If you don’t pay enough attention to thorough cleaning before you move out, you can greatly reduce your chances of getting this vital information from your landlord.

You help prospective tenants

Consider this: they’ve gone through the same journey you’ve gone through – packing, looking for a place to live, moving…Just like you’d want to move somewhere without having to clean it first, basically, so will the future tenants of your now former landlord hope the same.

So you allow your landlord to show a neat, tidy home that future tenants will be happy to move into without having to clean first.

Who should clean at the end of the tenancy

You, as a tenant, are responsible for leaving your property clean and tidy to the same standard you enjoyed when you moved in, taking into account wear and tear. Therefore, when it’s time to vacate, you can clean the property yourself or hire professionals to do basic cleaning.

Does a property need to be professionally cleaned

First, you will likely start by decluttering all your stuff to save some money on the removal process. Then comes all the rest: packing, looking for a new property and moving into it, unpacking, and moving the kids to new schools and/or kindergartens. These are all things that have exhausted you emotionally and physically enough.

Only the most energetic would have the strength to deal with the basic cleaning of the property they occupied until recently.

By hiring professionals, you’ll both be sure that you haven’t missed any of the cleanings and at the same time, you’ll be able to save yourself that final pinnacle of hard work and mental stamina.

Professionals can get the job done faster

As professional cleaners, sometimes with years of experience, they can get the job done faster so your landlord can get their property back on the market sooner. And the sooner this happens, the sooner he can start earning from it.

They can achieve the best results

They will see the dirt and dust in every nook and cranny where hardly anyone else would think to look.

When someone is not a professional cleaner, they easily miss or overlook certain things.

For example, upholstery cleaning services with professional cleaners can be done much faster and, above all, safer since these tasks require the movement of heavy objects such as furniture and using specific chemicals.

If you don’t want any part of your house or office to be neglected – hire professional cleaners before you hand over the keys to your landlord.

They have the appropriate training and equipment for disinfection

The best cleaning service providers will take the time and money to train their cleaners so that they can get the job done quickly and efficiently when they arrive at the property.

Not only are they trained to clean thoroughly and efficiently, but they also disinfect. In the age of coronavirus and global pandemics, ensuring the safety of the house or office you are vacating is important. Professional cleaners will arrive with the equipment and products needed to do the job to the best of their ability.

Many service providers already use eco-friendly products to clean the customers’ homes, which are harmless to people, animals and the environment.

Professionals have experience, a routine, and an algorithm for the sequence of performing certain activities

If you don’t hand over the property you’ve rented in perfect condition, it will hurt your relationship with your landlord. Because he will hardly bother to clean up the mess you left behind. He will have to hire a cleaning company, which will cost him, and then he can rightfully refuse to return your deposit.

This, in turn, will somewhat frustrate the possibility of finding a new apartment quickly and easily without his recommendations. In order not to fall into this closed circle, it is best to use the services of people who are not only paid to clean up other people’s dirt, but this work gives them pleasure.

You have been asked to return the property in the same condition

Sometimes landlords specify in the contract that the tenant must return it in the same condition. So if the property was pristine, it should be returned to the same. If not, the cleaning service will be covered by the deposit or part of it.

Instead of losing your deposit, it’s better to hire professional cleaners, and they will probably get it in even better condition.

Cleaning services are now available

With the increase in companies offering such services, their prices have become very affordable. Professional cleaning is no longer a luxury, only available to the rich. Almost every single working person can afford it. In addition, the companies in question also offer very profitable subscription plans.

Standard cleaning usually includes basic cleaning of all rooms, including closets and terraces; vacuuming and mopping floors; polishing windows, appliances, furniture and lighting fixtures; deep washing of bathrooms and toilets.

In addition, the customer can order other extras, such as washing the floor mats and/or washing the curtains, for example.


Moving from one home to another is definitely a stressful experience for any tenant. But even though you have a lot of things on your to-do list, one of the most important should be cleaning before you move.

Hiring professionals will free you up a lot of time. What you will be able to use mainly for vacation, after the madness of the move. At the same time, you will be sure that no corner of the property you have lived in has been left uncleaned.

And accordingly, you will get your deposit back and keep a good relationship with your landlord. In addition, you will have the necessary recommendations, thanks to which you can rent a good apartment.

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