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Office Cleaning


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, office space needs to be clean and clutter-free to operate efficiently. However, that can be difficult and a monumental task when germ build-up becomes a serious issue due to shared service. Let’s check out the most effective approaches for office cleaning.

The Approaches

1. Keep the carpets clean – Start from the bottom and keep the carpets clean. Most offices have some sort of soft flooring. Whether it covers a few offices, or the entire workspace, carpets or carpeted flooring gets dirty pretty quickly. That’s why you should run a vacuum cleaner on the carpets, rugs, and runners once every week. If you notice the carpets getting extra dusty and dirty, you may need to rent a deep carpet cleaner.

2. Stick to a checklist – An assignment without proper instruction is the greatest source of stress in an office environment. If you tell your workers that it’s time to clean the office without telling them about the things to focus on, your office will always remain dirty. That’s where a checklist comes in. Use the checklist to spread cleaning responsibilities throughout the office so that a few employees don’t end up doing most of the cleaning work

3. Designate a spot – Keeping track of shared and personal items at the office can be very difficult. You’d be frustrated when people confuse personal and office belongings. This wastes valuable resources and time and spreads germs. To fix this issue, you need to designate a spot for your office items. That way you won’t need to sift through desk clutter or jog around the office to use an item.

4. Designate cleaning chores for the break room – Every office has a break room. It’s a common shared space where people may get a snack, brew a beverage or just take a break during a difficult and busy day. Since it’s a place where food and drinks are consumed by many people, it is bound to get dirty.

To keep it clean, you need to create a rotating list of people who will keep the place clean. It also encourages personal responsibility and makes people clean up after themselves once they have had a snack or drink in this space.

5. Establish green methods – Every office generates a lot of waste and contributes to environmental pollution. You can turn things around by adopting green cleaning methods at the office. Use organic and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and disinfectants instead of cheaper alternatives with harmful chemicals. While the cheap products save you a few bucks in the short term, they do a lot of damage in the long run by making your employees sick. It affects the productivity of your office.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips for keeping your office clean and tidy. Otherwise, you won’t even realize where you put the paperwork and start noticing people getting sick more often. That would bring down the productivity of the entire office.

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