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For Cleaning A PVC Ceiling

The architectural use of flat ceilings is on the rise, both in residential and commercial spaces. It significantly improves its appearance and gives a touch of elegance to each area of ​​your home or office. Installing a low ceiling allows you to hide wiring and exposed pipes and embed direct or indirect LED lighting, causing an impeccable appearance in each area.

Now, having a flat ceiling is essential to prevent dust from settling on the surface as it can cause stains and opacity; for this, it is necessary to constantly clean the PVC, especially if it has been installed in bathrooms or kitchens, locations where constant moisture and exposure to grease or smoke cause changes in ceilings.

So, taking advantage of the fact that the use of PVC for ceilings is on the rise thanks to its many benefits, here are a few recommendations on how to clean a PVC ceiling so that it looks beautiful and like new since proper cleaning will help you. To extend the useful life of your roof and, likewise, improve its appearance.

First of all, you should have the correct implements ready and check if, in addition to dirt, there are additional faults that cause damage, such as moisture caused by a water leak. In these cases, you will need to resolve the leaking problem before worrying about cleaning the ceilings.

Basic implements to clean a ceiling:

  • Plastic, tarp, or blanket to protect furniture
  • Ladder
  • soft sponge
  • Gloves
  • Face mask or mask
  • Helmet
  • Bucket
  • VINISOL special cleaner

Steps for proper cleaning of the PVC ceiling

1. Check safety:

Being a job at heights, it is essential to take adequate safety measures to avoid accidents. For this, you must always use the appropriate equipment and check that everything is in good condition, check the state of the ladder, and wear a helmet, gloves and a mask. Avoiding bumps and allergies is essential.

2. Prepare the area:

Clear the work area; if possible, remove the furniture in the room; otherwise, cover it with plastic or a blanket to prevent dust or any cleaning product from falling on them. Next, set up the ladder, ensuring it stays steady and close to the work area.

3. Remove the dust:

It is recommended that you start at one of the corners and move forward little by little until you cover the entire ceiling. To start, you will need to clean the surface dust with a duster or a vacuum cleaner. Avoid sudden movements so as not to spread the dust throughout the room and raise the panels.

4. Clean the surface:

Using a soft, dry sponge, clean the entire surface to remove stains. Ideally, it would help if you made uniform movements throughout the ceiling, rubbing with a little more force directly on the darker spots, being careful not to move the panels. This process helps fade stains caused by smoke or dust. Remember that the sponge must be dry because if you use a wet sponge, you can saturate the ceiling with water and increase the damage, especially if it is a porous surface.

5. Prepare the cleaning product:

When you start cleaning, prepare the product recommended by the supplier, following the instructions in the letter. Keep in mind to use plastic gloves, preferably, before handling any product.

6. Apply the cleaning product:

In addition to removing stains, the cleaning product will help eliminate foul odours caused by humidity. In any case, if you have fungus on the ceiling, you can contact our advisers so that they can recommend a particular product.

Doing a constant cleaning of your PVC ceiling may not require a high investment of money if you do not have to make additional adjustments. However, it will require a good investment of time. If you do not have the necessary time to do the work, you can turn to a specialised cleaning company to take care of it. In this case, you must take into account that:

  • All furniture is covered with plastic or a blanket.
  • The duration of the entire process is confirmed.
  • Air conditioning ducts cleaned, if necessary.
  • It is confirmed that there are no water leaks in the ceiling. Otherwise, it must be guaranteed that it is fixed at once.
  • The cleaning and organisation of the space are included once the work on the top is finished.

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