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When it comes to buying a holiday home, Southern France remains the best. Whether it is a house or an apartment, a holiday home will ensure that you spend good time with your family and friends. So, if you plan to buy your dream holiday home in Southern France, but are unsure of the decision, here are reasons to convince you:

1. Stable Housing Market

French real estate market is among the most regulated marketplaces in the whole world. Because of predominance of repayment mortgages with a fixed rate, the real estate has proven to be stable and strong, without any slumps. This, in turn, enables property owners in Southern France to build a solid capital in their properties, as the outstanding loan amount continues to reduce.This promotes a healthy buying budget as well as keeps the level of transactions high.

2. Value Appreciation in the Long-Term

Historically, properties in France Southern have long-term value appreciation. Although short-term fluctuations in the market can occur, especially in a specific region or because of a global economic change, the trend in the country is consistent and steady growth in value. Basically, this makes the property a source for rental income and better way of building wealth.

3. Stable Flow of Rental Income

Southern France’s diversity, along with its delightful weather, comes with a good opportunity of generating a steady rental income. Both long-term rentals and holiday rentals are possible. Plus, if you wisely choose the location and property, you can make between 8-10% rental incomes. To maximize your rental and occupancy income, aim to buy a shared holiday home Southern France in places, like:

  • Provence-Alpes-Cotes d’Azur
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Occitainie
  • Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes

4. Good Healthcare

France’s healthcare system is known globally for being exceptionally good. Provided you live in the country for three months or so, you may use France’s public healthcare system. This system pays for around 70% of medical treatments. For tourists and travelers, they will have to first register for a national healthcare card and social security number so they can have access to the system. With the card, you can be reimbursed directly for treatment or consultation – meaning, you don’t have to pay upfront. In addition, you may choose the doctor you want, but you will need to register with the healthcare provider first. Just make sure the said healthcare provider is a primary physician. You may as well cover the remaining percentage (30%) using complementary health insurance or ‘mutelle.’ And if you are employed in the country, your boss can pay for that.

5. Taxes and Mortgages

French financial institutions and backs are very strict when it comes lending. Because of that, only a few people can buy properties. This, in turn, decreases the price of properties. If you are a cash buyer, then this is a good reason to buy a vacation home in Southern France.

In conclusion, Southern France is an ideal place if you want a secure and stable investment. Apart from being a beautiful and diverse part of the Europe, it also caters to everyone. From families exploring hidden gems of the country to fashionistas enjoying the charm of St. Tropez, there will always be something great for every investor.

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